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Fees and Insurance

Initial Diagnostic Interview $150

Individual Therapy (typically includes parent consultation) $120

Parent-Child and Family Therapy $130

I accept *Blue Cross Blue Shield and Seton Healthcare for in-network benefits. Additionally, I qualify as a provider for some Tricare plans. If you have these insurances, your claims will be submitted by my billing service directly to your insurance. You will be responsible for meeting your deductible, if you have one, and/or your copay.

If you have another insurance plan, I am considered an "out of network provider." Most of the larger plans do have out of network mental health benefits and will reimburse somewhere around 70% of the session fees. I will provide you with a receipt documenting all of the information your insurance plan requires for reimbursement.

*Under BCBS, I am listed as Kathy Burton-Engel, Psy.D.