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The problems faced by children/adolescents emerge from a combination of precipitating factors, including:

Biological Predisposition(e.g. temperament, neurological wiring)

Adjustment to Life Changes(e.g., move, birth of a new sibling, loss of a loved one)

Meeting of Developmental Milestones(e.g., grade to middle school transition, puberty) and/or

Traumatic Events(e.g., abuse, natural disaster, medical procedures).

These factors can culminate in a perfect storm to create emotional and behavioral dysregulation. I specialize in Anxiety and Mood disorders of childhood. 

The following are the most common childhood symptoms that I address:

Worry and Fear

Panic Attacks

Obsessions and Compulsions

Withdrawal and Avoidance

Posttraumatic Reexperiencing

Depression and Insecurity

Anger and Aggression


Sleep Disturbance

Low Motivation

Learning Difficulties

Peer and family Relational Problems